• Medal Art New Zealand

    Medal Art New Zealand

    Founded in 1989, the Medal Art New Zealand (MANZ)
    group celebrates twenty five years in 2015. The group has
    continued to grow and evolve since its inception and
    to date has 30 members.  

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Medal Art New Zealand est. 1989


MANZ aims to nurture the medal art form within contemporary art practice in New Zealand. Exhibitions are held annually in New Zealand and members also participate in the bi-annual exhibitions held in international locations by the Federation International de la Medaille (FIDEM), the international member based group for medal makers.

"These medals are not to be found on the chests of heroes or in athletes’ lockers. They are the contemporary expression of a much older tradition of medals as works of art" -  British Art Medal Society website.

The tradition of medals dates back to the Italian Renaissance and today medals are an artistic expression in their own right, known as ‘art medals’. This term also refers to the larger medallion form (sometimes known as table medals or plaques if one-sided), and ‘object medals’ (which include a third dimension). Medal Art continues to be practised in many countries all around the world. Technological advances have influenced both methods and concepts.

This website contains information pertaining to historic and contemporary art medal practice internationally, and includes detailed information about medal art in New Zealand and MANZ members.

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  • JIM WHEELER<br>Pah Homestead (2015)

    Pah Homestead (2015)

    Bronze 245x245mm Unique  Obverse

  • JIM WHEELER<br>Pah Homestead (2015)

    Pah Homestead (2015)

    Bronze 245x245mm Unique Reverse

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