• Commissioning an Art Medal

    Commissioning an Art Medal

  • MICHAEL REED<bR> Iwi Tawhito o te Moana/Ancient People of the Sea III, Navigation ( 1999)

    Iwi Tawhito o te Moana/Ancient People of the Sea III, Navigation ( 1999)

    90x90x38mm.Assemblage: screen printed bark cloth, sennit, linen thread, Cook Island pearl shell. Bark cloth wrapping.

  • MARTE SZIRMAY<br>Epsom Girls Grammar School Visual Arts Award (2010), Embryonic Ferns

    Epsom Girls Grammar School Visual Arts Award (2010), Embryonic Ferns

    Cast bronze 105x105mm

    Awarded every year.

  • TERRY STRINGER<br>Montana Book Award Medal (1998)

    Montana Book Award Medal (1998)

    Cast bronze 135x135mm

    Commissioned by Book Sellers New Zealand in two versions, to reward best fiction or poetry and non-fiction.

    Awarded annually.

  • JIM WHEELER<br>Arts Foundation New Zealand Governor's Award (2002)

    Arts Foundation New Zealand Governor's Award (2002)

    Cast bronze 195x195x5mm

  • MARIAN FOUNTAIN<br>The Royal Society of New Zealand Humanities Aronui Medal

    The Royal Society of New Zealand Humanities Aronui Medal

    Cast Bronze, 105x105x70mm

  • JOHN EDGAR<br>Coin of the Realm, Fellow of the Auckland War Memorial Museum 1999

    Coin of the Realm, Fellow of the Auckland War Memorial Museum 1999

    Argillite (NZ), Aluminium 90x8x90mm. Open Edition.


Are you thinking about commissioning an Art Medal? It may be to award an extraordinary achievement, or to commemorate a moment in history, to celebrate a commercial or corporate event, or perhaps to mark a personal milestone? We welcome your interest!  MANZ' thirty members represent a broad spectrum of artistic styles, each with an evolved and unique art practice as well as many years experience. Take a look at the gallery below to see some of our members' previous commissioned work.  Not all our members are represented in this gallery, so don’t limit your search to this page; look through the individual MEMBERS pages and also bear in mind their wider art practice.

The first step towards commissioning your own art medal is to find an artist that you like, or an example of a work that suits your project idea, then make contact! Don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you require. We are a very friendly bunch and welcome all enquiries, no matter how large or small.



Find an artist whose style you like, or a example of a work that suits your project.

The gallery below shows a broad range of art medals by different artists; from commemorative,  to University Awards. You can also go to individual members pages. 

Make contact with your chosen artist.

Go to the MEMBERS page, and click on the artist you have chosen. Many of our members have a link to their own website and from there you can contact them directly.  If they don’t have a link to a site you can go to our CONTACT page and fill in our contact form, letting us know that you want to commission an Art Medal, which artist/s you are interested in, and your contact details. The artist will then contact you.

The process

Once you have made contact with your chosen artist they will be able to discuss your project in detail with you.  However, so that you can furnish them with a well thought out explanation of what you want,  it's good to have a think about some of the aspects below.

  • subject matter, or general theme if there is no specified subject.
  • scale (the size of object you want). 
  • material (bronze, silver, pewter, wood; painted surface etc).
  • patina (colouring). 
  • do you want a struck medal or a hand-made work? 
  • edition (how many you are wanting).
  • you may require the full edition or an on-going commission, for example, a set number annually.
  • Are there any individual engraving requirements?
  • time-frame/date required.
  • budget (design fee/unit cost/ ongoing editions).

If you are unsure of some or all of your requirements; that’s absolutely fine, discuss these with your artist, they will be able to guide you and make suggestions.

Once your artist has an idea of what you want, he/she will give you an indication of the cost, propose a time schedule to make sure the medal is ready at the required date, and submit a sketch or model for your consent before realisation.

Things to bear in mind when commissioning an art medal.

All good things take time! Often more time than you may anticipate, as most artists have other commitments and exhibition deadlines to meet, and foundry schedules also need to be factored in. So start the process as early as possible . 

Gallery of Commissioned Medals