2009 - Garden of Delights

Garden of DelightsHuakaiwaka Visitor Centre, Auckland Botanic Gardens.    

November 2009 - February 2010

Curated by Marte Szirmay

This exhibition of small works by the Medal Artists of NZ and guests, is intended to celebrate the world of plants in a private intimate manner. The format of the works relate to the human hand; objects can be held, felt and be carried on the person.

Our celebration of the world of plants is a small token of thanks for the gifts bestowed on us by them. Plants have been our companions and life sustainers from the start; they feed us, heal us, shelter us alive or dead, heat us, clothe us, clean the air, fertilise the soil, amuse and delight us. Our physical and psychological equilibrium depends on these humble companions.

The exhibiting artists have interpreted the theme of “Garden of Delights” in the widest sense, each focusing on their own personal issues and themes.

The works are either unique statements or are presented as small multiple edition

This exhibition was followed by an exhibition of the same work at Aucklands 'Remuera Gallery' called ‘DELIGHTS”

Installation in Huakaiwaka Visitor Centre,  Auckland Botanic Gardens.