Bill Hayes

Born: New York, USA

Lives: Auckland.

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts from Alfred University 1986.

Bill grew up in New York along the Hudson River, and by 17 had traveled around the US, Europe and North Africa. These travel experiences were to have a great effect on his views of art, life and education. 

During his  senior year at Alfred University he was awarded the senior show award in Ceramic sculpture and began work on the series that continues to fascinate me to the present day.

Upon graduating he began work at the fine art foundry Tallix in Beacon, New York where he worked with artists such as Julian Schnable, Frank Stella, Roy Liechtenstein, Jeff Koons, Mark Kastabi and others. After a couple of New York winters he returned to California and spent the next 5 years working at Artworks Foundry in Berkeley California.

"It was a period of real artistic discourse working all day for artist, all evening my own work and all night in the discussion of the merits of both with other emerging artists. During this time I continued this exploration of organic sculptural form."

In 1997 Bill moved to New Zealand and maintains a studio at the Lake House art centre in Takapuna where he continues to create sculpture in a variety of materials.