Juliette Milne

An accomplished sculptor, Juliette Milne has a rich history of academic artistic training. In 1972 she gained a Diploma of Graphic Arts at Auckland Technical Institute; and later a Certificate of Visual Arts at Manukau Institute of Technology in 2001. She has subsequently completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the University of Auckland, majoring in sculpture.

Milne is widely known for her flax seed pods, sculptures that refer to the particular historic, industrial and cultural usage of the plant in New Zealand. They tell of a season passing, of change and expiration. 

"I focused much of my university research on the accomplishments of women, I was drawn to work in bronze with its historical connotations of commemoration and immortality. Each of my works within this concept carries the embossed texture of a thread of lace like a 'finger print', acknowledging my European ancestry."