Neil Miller

Born: England, emigrated to NZ in his early teens. 

Lives: Oratia, Waitakere City

Education: Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, 1987. Diploma in Arts Administration, 1996.

Neil Miller works in a variety of mediums including water colour painting and metal sculpture. His art often references systems and codes of communication, and depicts concepts of duality.

Artist Statement

My exhibition history speaks to my broader concerns with art making and, like all committed artists, these concerns change and develop and mature throughout a lifetime. Whatever media I utilise for an exhibition I have a commitment to the marks made, I insist on showing the hand of the artist. I do this not out of ego, but out of humanism; art making is a basic human activity and all human activity makes marks. My exhibitions used to be focused on a single issue; those issues can be rendered down to the visual, the intuitive and the rational. More recently I have had some success in mixing and balancing these forces. For someone who has made 18m high sculpture and bridges, I have never been especially fond of impact; I am more interested in silence, mystery and contemplation. I would like to believe in the transformative power in art, in the artists’ ability to imbue a work with human spirit and relevance.