Paul Hartigan

Auckland-based contemporary artist Paul Hartigan, is widely recognized for his large scale public light commissions.

While working predominantly in neon, he also produces paintings, photographs and fine art prints. Hartigan blends childhood nostalgia with contemporary cutting edge to create his distinctive urban imagery. Consistently defined by a subversive edge and a darkly witty humour, Hartigan's works are often subtly undercut by astute social and political perceptions. His progressive attitude can be traced back to his early days as an art student in the 1970s.

Paul attended Elam School of Fine Art 1971-73 with painting teachers, Colin McCahon, Robert Ellis, Garth Tapper and sculptors Adrian Hall, Greer Twiss and Jim Allen. At a time when regionalism reigned supreme, Hartigan's internationalist outlook saw him choosing to align himself with the forerunners of the American and British Pop movement. With an artistic career spanning four decades Hartigan's current work continues to push boundaries and challenge conceptions of both society and self in a visually arresting and timeless fashion.